Deborah Kent: Embrace Your Passion

Deborah comes from a musical family and she herself started theatre and cabaret while in school. The singing came later and her love of of jazz really hit her when she heard the song The Girl of Ipanema - through the bossa nova she started listening to jazz and now she has been singing jazz herself and developed her own unique style mixing it with a theatrical performance. Marilyn move over, Deborah is in town. 

Manon Tromp: Live Life in Song

Manon started singing while still living in the Netherlands before moving o Glastonbury. She attended the Jazz school of Amsterdam and started her own band, singing Billy Holiday songs and other classic jazz standards. In Glastonbury she hosts the monthly Jazz Session with her band MissBehavin. She loves singing the blues and writes her own blues lyrics. She loves to express her emotions in a song. 

Sarah Griffiths: Be Inspired By Everything

Sarah brings her songs with a sultry bluesy voice, telling the story of the song. She has an acting background and knows how to present herself on stage. She has been performing for some years and likes to inspire with her songs. 


Our Songs

It don't mean a thing; Ain't Nobody's Business; Hit the road Jack; Big Spender; Stormy Monday; I've got Rhythm; Sing, Sing, Sing and All that Jazz. Just to give you an idea of our repertoire. The Jazz Devas perform songs together, solo and in duets guaranteed to make each performance a show. 

Our Band

The Jazz Devas would not be anywhere without the support of their band with very experienced musicians;  Richard Jenkins on the keyboard, Tom Billing on Saxophone, John Day on Bass Guitar and Pat Mahony on Drums

Our Name and our Aim

You may have noticed that we are Devas and not Divas, or maybe we are both...As we are all based in Glastonbury, known for its special connection to Avalon and its legends.. we decided to stay in the spirit of this. Devas are nature spirits, but we do have a bit of Diva in us as well..

Jazz Devas at Glastonbury is CALLING 2018

Check out this great video

Ain't Nobody's Business

Some SoundCloud Songs



Come and celebrate the beginning of the Summer with us. We will be performing at Glastonbury's music cafe Hawthorns which has the best Curries in town. We start at 8.45 pm. 


15 September 2018 - Cornerhouse Frome

Come and join us for a jazz evening at the Cornerhouse in Frome - a great place for Jazz and entertainment. 



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Do you have questions, want to book a performance for a function? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

Jazz Devas

Glastonbury, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

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